Trying out a new kind of A5 diary layout

It seems it is time for my annual tradition of trying to transition from my personal size binder to my lovely A5 Gillio Compagna in that lovely older Epoca leather that patinas so much better than current offerings. I have failed this transition ever year so far, due to that A5 binder being so much larger and due to the fact that I have not really found a diary insert that suits my needs (or to be more accurate, wants).

To be honest, I do not really use my diary for much scheduling. My family and my workplace use digital calendars and trying to resist the advantages of accepting that system is futile. I jot down the few important personal dates in my paper diary (always in pencil) and then use the rest of the page as a log for how things went and how I felt about that (always in ink). Therefore, what I need are wide margins, rather than rigid and detailed diary layouts. For this years attempt I tried to design a diary insert just like this. I am only a few days in, but it feels rather good!

29 Apr 2019

#paper #planner