For the month of July I intend to do what Cal Newport in his book Digital Minimalism calls a digital declutter. For 31 days I’ll abstain from the use of Facebook, Instagram and the like. I just don’t like how I behave around these engineered endless sources of dopamin hits. These are my rules:

  1. I may check email once a day, using my new favorite,
  2. I may check the Instagram page of Gillio once on Monday evenings, to know if that particular binder I’m waiting for will be released on the Tuesday after, because if I miss it it might be another decade before I get a new chance.
  3. I may check two sources of news once every morning.

Apart from that, no optional technologies.

I plan to put my iPhone in a drawer and only use my Punkt MP01 when I’m out and about. We’ll se if that’s even possible these days.

I’ll try to fill the void with good old-fashioned reading and practicing being bored.

29 Jun 2020