Failing to buy Gillio

I recently tried to purchase a Medium Compagna XL from Gillio, when they did their latest release of it in undyed leather. I didn’t particularly want the undyed leather, but who’s to know when they release the XLs again. It went on sale at two pm. I tried to access their site from ten minutes to two, and didn’t manage to connect to their servers until three minutes past. At that point everything had sold out. This is an old story, I know: the demand for Gillio’s planners is so much greater than their production rate, so there’s a race everytime they release something.

While I’m happy for Gillio’s success, do I really want to compete against the world for one of their planners? Not really. I find it awfully off-putting. Instead I contacted Petra at Van der Spek and asked what it would cost me to have them make me a planner of similar layout to the Compagna XL. Sadly, the price was close to twice that of the Compagna. Everything outside their standard configuration is extra and it racks up really fast. While I love the care and craftsmanship Van der Spek puts into their work, I have a hard time justifying that cost at the moment.

So, back to Gillio. I really wish they would consider (or perhaps reconsider) changing their current system for new releases. I can’t imagine them being happy with how things currently stand: listening to people like me voicing their frustration and forever (in vain) paying more to have their servers handling those huge spikes in traffic.

Instead of collecting email addresses to notify when an item is in stock, make prospective buyers sign up for a waiting list. Use software automation to delete duplicates and annually purge the list (for instance by sending everyone an email, to which you must reply to hold your place). When an item is in stock, let the software email the first person on the list. If they decline to buy, or don’t answer within a set period of time, move on to the next. Very little human labor would be required for this. If Gillio insist on luck being a factor in their purchase experience, they can always have a raffle with every release, where a few people on the list may get ahead of the line.

It would take them longer to sell out new batches, but the server load would be more even, and I suspect many people are like me in the sense that they find it easier to accept waiting on a list instead of repetedly going into battle.

Please, Gillio. Please!

For now, good luck buying Gillio. May the odds forever be in your favor.

20 Jul 2020

#gillio #planner