The Gillio Medium Compagna XL

Ironically, one week after me posting a rant on how it was impossible to buy Gillio (after having failed to order a medium Compagna XL in undyed) they released a slew of medium XLs. Their servers were unresponsive for ten minutes this time, but they hadn’t sold out when I finally was allowed in and I ordered a medium Compagna XL in brown Epoca. Had gold been available I would have gone for that, but I’m glad it wasn’t because I have too many planners in gold Epoca already and I’m really loving the delicious chocolate brown.

The layout is the same as in regular mediums and to me it’s the epitome of good planner design. It just has everything you need and then some. For instance, I don’t really use the pockets on the verso side secretarial pocket or the credit card slots on the recto side, but they discreetly waits in the wings for the day I need them.

The main selling point of the XL (and the reason I bought it) of course is the 30 millimetre rings. I got them in silver, because I can’t stand mixing silver poppers with gold rings (all the while I yearn for days past, when Gigliodori/Gillio sold planners with all gold hardware—I have two of them). The rings are glorious, of course. I was hoping to be able to fit a full year’s worth of day-on-a-page inserts, together with my productivity system inserts, and they almost manage it. It all fits, but barely and I should probably take some pages out for the rest to turn without friction. Unlike on some competitors, the holes on the flyleaf is large enough for it not to catch on the rings, which makes me happy.

The backplate on this Compagna is a lot broader than I’m used to in my regular medium Compagna. I like it a lot, since the planner gets a squarer spine, more akin to a bound book. It looks like it also will reduce ring indentations on the secretarial flaps as well. I worry a little about the backplate wearing out the back pocket lining, but time will tell.

29 Jul 2020

#gillio #planner